one more watts: chapter one

As promised, here is chapter one of the story behind our unexpected plot twist: Baby Watts 3.0. The tale has been unfolding officially on Instagram since Christmas but the adventure began in October. I’ve included the first few post in the #onemoreWatts series below.



Published Dec 31, 2016

The first and last time I wore my sequinned mini dress in public I was leisurely downing prossecco and lighting up the dance floor with friends at the University of St Andrews’ Graduation Ball. The joke was that my dress might lead to another pregnancy.

Our friends Julianna and Jason loved the idea of another Watts tot to cuddle. “One! More! Watts! One! More! Watts!” they cheered as we danced. “NO WAY. NO MORE BABIES,” I declared. There were four-letter words too, I’m sure.

Well friends, the Lord has other plans for us. I’m 12 weeks pregnant. (Ta-da!) 😬
Watts 3.0 is due July 13th, the one-year anniversary of our departure from Scotland. PLOT TWIST. Details to follow. 



Published Jan 6, 2017

The prologue to #onemoreWatts is peculiar and highly entertaining. Our story is a lengthy one so keep whatever you need for a good drink close at hand and I’ll roll out the narrative bit by bit.

Our unexpected pregnancy was confirmed on November 22nd but like every solid plot twist, the seeds of change were sown way before anyone was paying attention. The story begins more or less with the photograph of this G&T.



Published Jan 8, 2017

Routine blood work beckons me to clinics on a regular basis. Since my unexpected grand mal seizure in October, I’ve been frequenting various labs around the Lower Mainland, depending on where we’ve been living.

At the time, we were housesitting off Main and 14th so I simply walked to the nearest lab.

“Are you pregnant?” the woman inquired with a pinch of enthusiasm as she reached for her medical supplies.

“Me? Pregnant?! Good heavens. No. NO. I’m done. We have two kids. Five and three. I’m perpetually exhausted. No more.”

“Really? Wow. You look too rested! Well done! The women I see at this Main Street clinic all glow; they’re impossibly healthy. This neighbourhood is home to so many pregnant women. It’s my job to ask but, seriously, you all glow around here and it’s hard to tell.”

I laughed. “Well, thank you but I’m not from here anyway. It must be the three nights’ worth of unusually good sleep and the six litres of water I drank yesterday. I was given specific instructions from my friend who is taking some casual headshots for a website. We were supposed to shoot today but given the stormy weather, we bumped our plan to Friday. We’re praying for sunshine. Maybe I should always drink six litres of water!” We shared a few giggles.

I was nearly three weeks pregnant and utterly clueless.

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