Nice to meet you.

There used to be a shiny bio here. I’ve outgrown it so I cut it loose.

In short? I’m a less-is-more Canadian mother raising four kids, penning postcards, and meeting deadlines beside my dashing husband, Steve.

He’s an Australian drummer/scholar/Celtics fan. Christian spirituality is his teaching niche. He’ll wax Pearl Jam or 90s hip hop if you inquire.

We drive a Batmobile (and by “Batmobile” I really mean an unsexy black minivan. Adventure on wheels.)

I was born in Vancouver. Scotland brought me to life. (St Andrews, to be specific. What a sight.)

Lipstick, berets and gin—these are my calling cards.

Friendship fuels my tank.

My default setting is a combination of faith, hope, and love.

I don’t tolerate bullshit anymore. Life is too short.

The perfectionist in me is screaming, “You can’t publish this yet.”

My weary soul is nodding and rolling her eyes. She’s pouring a drink and putting her feet up. She’s smiling.


Beauty is everywhere.

Life happens one day at a time.

Simplicity beats the alternative.

Generosity is a state of mind.

Sincere appreciation opens doors.

Postcards are the future.

Coffee reigns but Love Gin comes to life with grapefruit so…tough call.


Whether it’s work or play, I love what I do.

Thanks for lending your attention. Please don’t send an invoice.