Hi. I am Elissa Joy, wife to Steve, mother to Isaac, Lucy, and the surprise new shoot on the family tree, due July 13, 2017.

Vancouver was home for many years until the North Sea beckoned and we relocated to the land of tartan and Irn Bru for Steve to study Medieval History. After living in Scotland for five years, we returned to Vancouver in July 2016 with a PhD from the University of St Andrews. (I say ‘we’ because Steve’s academic pursuit was a labour of love and called for significant teamwork, kids included.)

The year back in North America has been anything but dull.

The next chapter in our family’s wild academic adventure will go down in Toronto, Ontario. More on that later.


Storyteller because I have a reputation for paying close attention to life and perhaps offering too many details when asked to retell a story. (Just ask Steve.) Storyteller is also a souvenir from my corporate life – it was my last proper job title. This space is where I house all the things I ponder whilst tending to the kids.


Joy Scout

Joy Scout because I love me a little word play and seeking joy is my vocation. This world is recklessly broken and yet inescapably beautiful. I feel things deeply, for better or worse.

You can expect a little bit of everything: love, grit, hospitality, work, goals, friendship, faith, hope, fear, Jesus, motherhood, gypsy life hacks and gin.

Writing is therapy. Thanks for lending your ear. Please don’t send an invoice.