Hi. I am Elissa Joy, wife to Steve, mother to Isaac, Lucy, and the unexpected baby due July 13, 2017.

After living in Scotland for five years, we’ve returned to Vancouver with a PhD from the University of St Andrews. (I say ‘we’ because Steve’s academic pursuit was a labour of love and took significant team work.)

How long will we remain in Vancouver? Time will tell.


Storyteller because I love a spellbinding tale. Storyteller is also a souvenir from my corporate life – it was my last proper job title. This space is where I house all the things I ponder whilst tending to the kids.


Joy Scout

Joy Scout because I love me a little word play and seeking joy is my vocation. This world is recklessly broken and yet inescapably beautiful. I feel things deeply, for better or worse. 

You can expect a little bit of everything: love, grit, hospitality, work, goals, friendship, faith, hope, fear, Jesus, motherhood, gypsy life hacks and gin.

Writing is therapy. Thanks for lending your ear. Please don’t send an invoice.