day 25/40: #40shoutouts40days


Dearest Shelley Adams,

Shelley, Shelley, Shelley. Let’s be honest. You saw this coming, right? You know I am your biggest fan. It’s no wonder you were voted Vancouver’s Best Chiropractor year after year. You are more than a chiropractor. You’re a lifesaver.

We met because I foolishly decided to attempt running the seawall in shorts. To be clear, I didn’t want to run the seawall in shorts. I wanted to get over my body awareness though and I needed to laugh at myself. I set the goal in order to make peace with my thighs and make room for more important things in my life. Running ten kilometers in shorts – reallllly short shorts – seemed like the right prescription. I knew at very least there would be a lot of giggling.

Running was unfamiliar territory back then so I went to a clinic to meet other beginners. That’s where we stumbled upon each other. You were the guest speaker, enthusiastically conveying the link between posture and performance, practically smiling the whole time. You were incredibly knowledgeable and equally likable.

Training got off to a good start but eventually I felt the effects of an old injury. I was grateful I didn’t need to sift through the city looking for a professional. You were already on my radar. You treated me royally, helped me purchase orthotics, and had me fixed in no time.

We became fast friends. I enjoyed visiting you from time to time because, well, chiropractic care was in my benefits package so why not? Catching up over an adjustment was always good fun. (“Shelley! I met someone!” and then “Shelley! You’re pregnant!?” and finally “SHELLEY SHELLEY! I’m engaged!”)

And then that nuisance car accident messed everything up. When my back became my nemesis, you really came through. You went far above and beyond, treating me on short notice, equipping me to care for myself and manage my pain – essentially working yourself out of a job. I’m so grateful you spent time teaching me about my body they way you did. It has helped me alleviate consistent recurring pain and spared me a ton of money on mediocre chiropractic care because, let’s face it, no one could possibly fill your enormous orthopedic shoes.

Vancouver lost a treasure when you moved to Ontario. You are simply the best. Stitch that on a pillow and put it in your waiting room.



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