day 22/40: #40shoutouts40days


Dear Katie Cotter,
Remember when there was that massive push to open a billion showrooms at lululemon and you were the newest addition to the Ops Solutions team? When everything felt like it was spinning violently out of control in our minds? Remember how we got a wee bit vulnerable that day after the team had retired? We hugged and cried and you drove me across Vancouver to send me home? That was one of my favourite days on the job. You became a real person to me that day.
Thank you for being the sweetest hard-ass manager a girl could ask for. Thank you for all the reality checks and the challenges. I am a better communicator and strategist because of your leadership.
Most importantly, thank you for encouraging me to start a creative side project. I don’t think I could have survived the summer of 2010 without purposely seeking slivers of joy in the midst of all the stress. It’s transformed how I see the world. Plus, now I have loads of images for my writing. Bonus.
Wishing we could take our babes to ballet together. All my love.

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