day 19/40: #4oshoutouts40days


I didn’t set out to be a high school tutor. Initially I offered to help a friend’s little brother with his algebra and it all spiraled beautifully out of control after that. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing in a town with one high school. At my busiest I seem to recall having seventeen appointments a week. I remember thinking that if tutoring was the only job I ever had, I would die happy.

It is late on a Sunday night and in light of my recent reflections on time management, I must be brief. But I also do not want to gloss over sincerely thanking a host of parents and students who allowed me the privilege of being in their homes on a regular basis, partnering in goal setting and education.

Tutoring allowed me to invest heavily in relationships with younger people, dabble in entrepreneurial ventures, and drink a lot of tea. It was a hotbed for personal development and it allowed me to sleep in every single day. EVERY day. At the time, sleeping late was necessary because I hadn’t been diagnosed with epilepsy yet but that is a generous tangent I cannot indulge in today.

So to Judi, Jennifer, Catherine, Yvonne, Chrystle, Cam, Tyler, Ashley, Daniel, and everyone else who I am sadly neglecting due to a poor memory, minimal sleep and maximum pinot noir, thank you for taking a chance on me when I was so young. My tutoring years are some of my fondest. If only parenting allowed me the same working hours.


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