back to basics (and where I’ve been)

This is where I tiptoe back to my humble blog to confirm that, yes, I am indeed still alive and, no, I haven’t broken up with writing. (Surprise!)

The long-abandoned blog format—short-ish commentary on life as we know it, humbly served warm with a splash of gin—shall resume shortly.

If you don’t subscribe, perhaps now’s a good time to start. Creativity is leaking out finally. Subscribe and you can enjoy the spectacle as it unfolds.

If you’re already sipping my thoughts from the comfort of your inbox, congratulations on securing my affection from here on out. It is a privilege to saddle up next to your Amazon confirmation emails. Thank you for pulling up a chair and engaging.

From the outside looking in, these crystallizing thoughts of mine likely appear to be one big confusing collage.

Joy. Grit. Humility.

Truth. Technology. Textiles.

Surrender. Mortality. Faith.

Missing out. Mr. Rogers. Music videos.

It makes sense between my ears and in my heart. You’ll have to trust me.

My head is still ringing since I lost consciousness and crashed to the floor in January. I’m regaining clarity but it’s a slow process.

The good news–no, the excellent news–is we are both alive! And I can type! This is cause for celebration.

Let’s forget trying to locate one another in the noisy cafeteria called social media. This cozy space can be ours.

So thank you for standing by. I’m looking forward to swinging by more frequently. Pull out your favourite mug or low-ball tumbler. Things are about to get jolly.




7 thoughts on “back to basics (and where I’ve been)

  1. Joanna says:

    Glorious to hear of you up and typing again. Praying!!! Holding on with you and your crew!

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Heather says:

    I met with your Mom today and she is SO proud of you and holds you and your family so snuggly in her big heart.
    You are such a gifted author, bringing us into your story with humour, beautifully connected prose and humanity. We love how you put your thoughts to the written word. You have an amazing gift, lady!!
    Enjoy this amazing journey! ❤️


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