coming home to tdm- the prelude

If you’re up for some Sunday night reading, you may elect to spend a portion of your precious time on something that was never intended to live on this space.

I’ve spent the month casually writing for friends who run an excellent barre studio called The Dailey Method. In exchange for free classes, I kept a public diary of my experience returning to the beloved place I left behind when we uprooted for Scotland.

Because the studio currently has no independent blog, in an attempt to tie my series up neatly for their audience, I’ve chosen to publish #cominghometoTDM in its entirety here.

The following is a brief and modified prelude I shared on my personal channel before it all began. Enjoy. xx

In case you’re dizzy from keeping up with our whereabouts, we’re now living in Point Grey, a lofty neighbourhood on the west side of Vancouver. We knew the city would be different when we returned but experiencing its renovation in person has been a trip. Our family’s old routine in Scotland could not be more different than life in Vanhattan. I sometimes feel like an alien stuck in an episode of Portlandia, only there is French on the gluten-free cereal boxes. I could write about it for days.

And so I am. My sweet friends at The Dailey Method have welcomed me back with open arms and given me the gift of burning quads and time away from the kids. I’ll be documenting my homecoming experience at Jey and Karen’s beloved barre studio for five glorious weeks. If you care to see it all go down, I’ll be posting my series #cominghometoTDM over at @tdmvancouver

Please feel free to join me at either the Kits or Dunbar location. I plan on taking as many classes as possible and I would love some company. Conveniently, I’ll be burning enough calories to refuel on donuts.

This was first published on my Instagram. Come follow me over there. There’s plenty of honest talk, witty banter, and Old Dutch ketchup chips.

You may also choose to hop straight to part 1.

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