coming home to tdm- part 3

Yesterday marked my tenth studio visit since beginning the #cominghometoTDM series. If you’re just joining us, welcome! My name is Elissa used to be a religious Dailey Method client but I’ve been living under a rock in Scotland for five years. Things have changed around the studio – specifically the variety of classes available – and I’m documenting my rediscovery of the Dailey Method practice I left behind.

So when was the last time you laid down your ego and fled your comfort zone? How long has it been since you nearly peed your pants in fear then had a laugh at yourself?
I know my answer. It’s been less than 24 hours. What had me shaking in my sneakers? My first Dailey Cycle class.

This week, I decided to venture into the unknown. On Tuesday, I tiptoed into Jey’s MELT class. It was sixty minutes of self care, the perfect complement to the rigors of barre. I practically floated out of the studio in a new body. Lesson? Go to MELT as much as possible.

Yesterday was another story. Yesterday I greeted Dailey Cycle for the first time. It had me on the edge of my seat in a mild panic. Feverish cardio and I haven’t got along in recent months, especially since becoming pregnant. The class was intense but what seemed more challenging was giving myself permission to take it slow.

Friends, I gorged myself on humble pie and you know what? In the end it was delicious and empowering. Fear is a ruthless master. I’m proud to say I kicked its butt on the bike today. And the last thirty minutes of arm sculpting and core work? Divine. Special thanks to Chelsea for leading an excellent class and shout out to my neighbour Claire for kindly talking me off the ledge.


1. Arrive early. Meet your instructor and get to know your bike.
2. Bring a mantra to help you climb those imaginary hills. (Mine was “Nine! Pounds! Ten! Ounces!” as in “If I can deliver an enormous baby, surely I can ride this bike for thirty minutes.”)
3. Be prepared to extend yourself grace. If you’re like me, you’ll need some.
4. Sign up for a MELT class as quickly as possible to equip yourself with self-care expertise. Plus, it’s like a day at the spa compared to Dailey Cycle.

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