coming home to tdm- part 2

It’s poetic that @tdmvancouver chose ‘authenticity’ as the word of the month for January. Authenticity is my specialty.

You may recall from my last journal entry that I apologetically shared about gaining 80 pounds with my first pregnancy. I’m not afraid to put that in writing. I balanced it with plenty of exercise, specifically Dailey Method, but nevertheless, my body clung to calories. Gluttony is nearly unavoidable in a city as delicious as Vancouver.

After moving to Scotland, we watched Vanhattan’s food scene slowly get a face lift from across the pond. Friends started coffee shops and juice bars (because cold-pressed juice became a thing in our absence.) Vij’s relocated. The Liberty Distillery was born (hallelujah!) and haute couture donuts made their debut.

The fitness landscape changed too. During our time away, my non-edible vice of choice, The Dailey Method, sprung up in Kits and began offering new ways to indulge in endorphins. I celebrated for my friends at the studio from afar, jealously pining all the while for TDM’s sweet taste of the grit and glory. I’ve been itching to try their bevy of new classes for years.

Now that Vancouver is home again, I can. With unlimited classes at my fingertips, I’ve taken four in five days. My thighs, triceps, and glutes are speechless. Call it making up for lost time. Call it a different form of gluttony. Either way, I’m loving it.

So far, I haven’t been able to make it to any classes beyond the original barre format. I’m dying to know from the other TDM fans. Which are your favourite variations? And why? Please help a sister out as she chooses her itinerary for the upcoming week. I need to burn off the residual energy courtesy of Cartems Donuts. No shame. I’m just being authentic.

This ran weeks ago but let it be known that I am always up for suggestions. Drop me a line.

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