missing in action


Steve’s computer is undergoing surgery again, hence another departure from regular writing. The household laptop I’ve been using is now Steve’s faithful companion at the office until further notice.

We sent the computer off on Monday and the repair is taking ages. I’m concerned the laptop’s death is imminent but hopefully this ordeal is simply our latest T.I.S. experience, a case of poor time management. Either way, the situation is preventing my fingers from tapping away and nurturing this space. The loss of momentum is frustrating.

The blessing in disguise is free time. It’s meant opportunities to read and distill thoughts the old fashioned way. I’ve had time to get sick and rest, time to run, and time to procrastinate tidying my bedroom, though let’s be honest, I really don’t need extra time to do that. My best use of this unexpected time, outside of enjoying Henri Nouwen’s meditations for Lent, has been getting clear on designs for my first book and, oh boy, do I like what I see. Research is a high priority now.

So while this space is dormant, know that the third installment in the breastfeeding memoir is coming along, as is the book research. My bedroom, however, will likely remain severely neglected.

All my love,


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