who wants to get naked?


My friend Mandy says writing is like running naked through the streets. “It’s vulnerability at its best,” she says. Congratulations, Mandy. You’re completely on point.

Have you ever run a race before? Have you experienced the electricity among athletes at the starting line? I used to detest running but many years ago I set a goal to do Canada’s largest 10K. It happened to fall on my birthday and it was practically in my backyard so I figured I’d give it a shot. “Just finish without stopping,” I told myself.

When training began, ten kilometers seemed incomprehensible. Some days the only thing that kept me running was my ego and my frugality. My friend Julia registered too and my money was spent. I had to do it.

On race day, Julia surprised me with a birthday present: a handmade top that proclaimed, “Today is my birthday!” for all to see. It solicited enthusiastic support from strangers, left and right. That support kept my legs in motion and my spirits high and before I knew it, the race was over. I surprised myself that day.

Three weeks ago I accepted Your Turn Challenge. I signed up for a small race. Subsequently, I renovated this corner of the internet and have tended to it daily. Metaphorically speaking, I’ve been racing around naked for days. It’s equal parts liberating and petrifying.

Now I have my sights on bigger accomplishments. I’m discovering that, like running, one needs accountability and feedback to succeed at writing. Ruby is on my side but I’d love some other companions on the journey. I need a cheering section and I want to return the favour.

Are there any writers out there looking accountabily? I’m putting together a collective of sorts. I don’t exactly know how it will operate yet but that will get organized once people come forward. I don’t want to leave anyone on the sidelines if they are keen to join the race. Get in touch or leave a comment and we’ll lace up and run naked together.

5 thoughts on “who wants to get naked?

  1. MonaKarel says:

    I’ve been living semi covered for a while. Willing to speak up but not completely expose myself. My Turn Challenge encouraged me to let it all hang out, and to SPEAK OUT instead of just muttering under my breath.


  2. SusanTaylor says:

    I’ve had an approach-avoidance conflict about being vulnerable and transparent in my writing, but I love this idea. Add my name to your collective. I’d love to be part of your cheering section and try some naked writing.


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