ode to an awesome person: vegan steven

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Regardless of my day job, my life’s vocation ultimately boils down to this: loving God and loving people. Because this space is about celebrating the things I love, you can expect to meet a lot of people here.

I plan on celebrating fascinating individuals, some of whom I know (hi mom!) and hopefully some of whom I have yet to meet. (I’m talking to you, Ugly Volvo.) The list of strangers I want to interview is growing at a rapid rate. I will publish it eventually.

There is a lot of uncertainty in life but one thing I know for sure is this: there will never be another person quite like Steve Cossman, or Vegan Steven or VS. Today is his Facebook birthday so it seems right to begin celebrating him. I have no idea when his real birthday is because he hates to discuss it and chooses to celebrate his “dreadiversary” instead. He won’t even tell me how old he is. The man is an enigma.

My husband (also Steve, hence the convenient nickname) met VS over a decade ago when they were both studying in Prague. I had the pleasure of meeting Vegan Steven on my wedding day. I had no trouble spotting him as I walked down the aisle. Those 18-year-old dreads are impressive.

Steve also has an impressive kit of abilities. Can you think of many people who are skilled in metalwork, textiles, book binding, bee keeping, cooking, stop-motion puppet animation and dissecting View-master discs to produce a film made entirely of seven thousand of those little slides you enjoyed as a kid? Neither can I. Just this guy.

Steve resides in Brooklyn and pours a lot of his creative energy into his project MONO NO AWARE. It began in 2006 “as a single exhibition of expanded cinema performance that has grown into an organization promoting cinematic art, film screenings, and performance year round.” We were lucky to be at the exhibition in 2008 and since then we’ve been cheering for him from abroad.

A short list of things I find particularly wonderful about Vegan Steven:
He is one of the kindest, most generous and hospitable people I know.
He imported a mind-blowing DavidsTea advent calendar to Scotland as a surprise gift.
He left a safe yet toxic job working for this guy to run in the direction of his dreams. (Steve, I actually had you in mind when I wrote this.)

So have a very happy “birthday” Vegan Steven! If you need a cake recipe, Isaac recommends this one.

One thought on “ode to an awesome person: vegan steven

  1. estellemac says:

    I spent some real time on your Blog today. Having been intrigued by your posts for a week i decided to take a journey with you to experience more insight into your writing. I am left witha few thoughts to share with you:
    I WILL be that blogger who follows you daily.
    I WILL be that blogger that learns from the amazing things you share.
    I WILL be that blogger who is inspired by your links and follows the trail you lay down.
    I WILL be that blogger that continues to write everyday as i have for several years but now-
    I WILL be that blogger who what i write OFF the folder on my desktop and puts what i write out for people to read……Many Many Thanks… of course now i want to meet for a cup of tea!


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