munchies guide to scotland


I wasn’t impressed by the deep-fried golden brown food landscape when I first came to St Andrews from Vancouver but now I know better. Scotland brings more than haggis to the global potluck. Okay, edible oddities like Irn Bru and clootie dumpling are in great supply but so is the seafood, venison and whiskey. If you enjoy food tourism, you’ll love Scotland. (You may even enjoy the haggis. I finally do.)

MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland consists of five episodes, each roughly fifteen minutes. The videos capture Scotland, its majestic beauty, local food, and lovable people in a fresh way. My favourite scene is at the beginning of the first episode when Charlet interviews locals. It’s gold.

The MUNCHIES project is put on by Vice Magazine so if you’re familiar with Vice, you know what to expect. It’s a tad on the seedy side. Overlook the swearing and the mildly shady content and you’ll love it. Steve and I devoured the series in no time. After watching the first episode, I bet you can’t watch just one.

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