i will not be that blogger.

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I set rules for myself before I began this creative outlet last week. After working on content strategy for lululemon I learned plenty and decided to draw firm boundaries around the kind of work I would share here and what my identity as a blogger would be.

In my opinion, the most effective way to define yourself is to define what you are not. I began by making pledges like this:

I will not be the person who types. Like. This. For. Emphasis.
I will not be the person who publishes images of quotes in white block letters over photographs.
I will not be a mommy blogger.
I will not be a food blogger.
I will not write about kittens.
I will not write with excessive superlatives and sentence fragments.
I will not take myself too seriously.
I will not take myself too lightly.
I will not channel Oprah.
I will not write about Kim Kardashian or Miley Cyrus or the next girl in line.
I will not gush about Jimmy Fallon YouTube videos.

And then good old Mr. Prime Time lip-synched to arguably the best orignal song written for the best movie in the history of the entire. Film. Industry.

So I am sharing this with you today because it’s Monday and we could all use thirteen minutes and twenty-two seconds of Fallon fun.

In case you’re asking what I will be focusing on within this space, here is your answer.

I will share what I love. Lucky for you this includes food, motherhood, inspiring stories, light anecdotes, autobiographical reflections, matters of the heart and the occasional ride down the slippery slope of YouTube videos and up-to-the-minute pop culture. (FYI: HAIM is touring with Taylor Swift!) Don’t expect kittens, though.

My goal is to become more disciplined in my writing so I can acheive my goals of having titles on this page. I’m so glad you’re along for the ride.

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