It's remarkable how things accumulate when left unchecked. Take for example our living room. It was tidy last night before bed, I swear. Now, sitting here on the floor, I'm surrounded by four orphaned socks, dishes from an afternoon snack, a basket brimming with wet clothing, empty DVD cases, an undressed doll, three toy cars, … Continue reading clutter

marathon mama

Greetings from St Andrews. I'm back. The computer mayhem is over, at least for now. The unwanted writing break translated into time for other endeavours, specifically drinking Hendricks with a friend and some long overdue dates with my running shoes. After discussing how similar writing is to running naked, I decided that if I couldn't … Continue reading marathon mama

bird by bird

It's the second week for Professional Amateur, my creative side project. Welcome back. This space was not intended for a navel-gazing list-writing kitten-adoring food-loving mommy writer but in just one week I've already shared some of Scotland's culinary wonders and my honest thoughts on motherhood. There's even a list. I fear failure is imminent but … Continue reading bird by bird