the beatitudes of hard work

Blessed are those who serve rude customers. You are experiencing first-hand the necessity of treating all people with dignity and respect. You are learning humility.

Blessed are those who regret saying no to a lucrative opportunity that falls outside their values. No sum of money is worth abandoning what is important to you. Your time will come.

Blessed are those who make modest pay. You know the value of hard work. Money is a ruthless master and you are not its slave.

Blessed are those who feel they are unsuccessful in their work. Tomorrow is a new day. Success is yours to define.

Blessed are those who risk failure in the eyes of the world. Failure is a trustworthy teacher. It is the litmus test that your bravery is real.

Blessed are those who work with difficult colleagues. Conflict is unavoidable. Consider your frustration an opportunity to refine your resolution skills.

Blessed are those who work in the public sector. Interacting with the masses breeds invaluable empathy if you make an effort to see things from another’s perspective. Empathy is rare and precious.

Blessed are those who feel inadequate in their work and ask for help. You are absolutely not alone. Recognizing one’s weaknesses is actually a strength. Asking for help is a life skill.

Blessed are those who quit their secure job with no immediate safety net. Your identity is not your career and your charisma is the wind at your back.

Blessed are those who dare to do excellent work for a tribe of ten rather than dishing up mediocrity for the majority. You are unique and inspiring.

Blessed are those who repeat menial tasks day in and day out. Your work is important even if it goes unnoticed. Hold your head up and keep on.

Blessed are those who feel paralysed when they step out of their comfort zone. The world outside your secure bubble is precisely where the magic happens.

Blessed are those who recognise things are in trouble and take action. Cars have steering wheels for a reason. Grab the wheel, turn around and ask for directions.

Blessed are those who feel lonely on the road to their dreams. Eagles fly alone.

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