accountability redefined

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How do you define accountability?

For some, it’s pure intimidation. It means that hiding place isn’t safe anymore. It means integrity is at stake. The thing you said you’d do? You really have to do it now, sweetheart. People are waiting.

In seven days, the Your Turn Challenge completely flipped my lifelong understanding of accountability on its head. It was the opposite of intimidating. It’s became exhilarating and fun.

The commitment to ship – deliver blog content for seven days straight – has been an exercise in determination, creativity, toddler maintenance and time management. There were several times when it felt like the odds were against me but the bouyant spirit of this newly formed tribe kept me delivering and challenging my limits. Reflect, write, post, celebrate, repeat.

Within this new kind of accountability, people are still waiting but they’re not standing around waiting to call your foul. They’re waiting to applaud your hard work and effort. They’re waiting for you to be successful.

Until now I’ve misunderstood accountability.

It’s not just asking people to play referee and it’s not just a red fingernail (even though I really love Ruby and all she’s done for me.) It’s actively seeking like-minded people commited to pushing you out of your comfort zone in order to see you flourish.

So what am I taking away from the Your Turn Challenge? A more inspiring definition of accountability and the confidence to boldly make ship happen.

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