goal champions

There’s no one quite like my friend Matt Corker. Actually, that’s not entirely true because his sister Steph is equally incredible but I guess they came from the same gene pool. I digress.


Matt is lighting things up in Vancouver and abroad: writing, speaking, teaching yoga, turning the tide of see-through yoga pants for lululemon and generally being amazing. (AMAZING!) He and I had a brief but very sweet coffee date when I was home in July. A highlight, for sure.

Since disappearing from Facebook and getting on board again, I’ve been very cut-throat about who and what appears in the newsfeed. I intend to keep it this way, perhaps trim it even more, but I will never remove Matt because on days like today, I prize his optimism, motivation, hard work and honesty.

Last week I sent him an email asking if he was planning to participate in the Seth Godin Your Turn Challenge.

His response:

Oh my word! I’ve never done a blogging challenge before….. I’m not a hell yes for this, so that means to me that I’m a no. Are you going to do it? Do I get to read your blogs!?!

And this is why I love people like Matt. Matt’s goals are so defined that anything that isn’t directly on his path, no matter how awesome and enticing, is a no-go. He is always moving in the direction of his dreams with the fewest detours possible.
Matt has chosen not to participate in this challenge but he’s faithful to put out heartfelt content on his site. Today’s blog is about vulnerability and the fact that support is both wonderful and terrifying. When your special people – goal champions, as he calls them – are rooting for you to realize your dreams, anything can happen. It was just what I needed today, like a divine appointment. I strongly recommend it. Here is the soundbyte that resonated.

Having a goal champion is sometimes really uncomfortable.
They can also be the factor that helps you to cut through the noise of doubt and disbelief and be able to really listen to your heart.

Cause you’ve got this.

Keep going.

Trust me.

Like many people doing the challenge today, I needed a push to get going.

“What to write about while the kids sleep? What kind of tea should I drink? How much of this time is procrastination and how much is the creative process?” I got up to boil the kettle and decided to find Winnie’s blog. I’m so glad I did.

She recently wrote a post called “Does Anyone Read My Posts?” and the Silent Majority.  In it she writes this:

Due to bandwidth, I end up tweeting about 2% of all the posts I read. I feel like I know many people even over the course of three days purely from reading your posts. Even with thousands of posts now on our Tumblr, I’ve hit publish on some repeating names and it’s fun to recognize people.

The funny thing is: all of this is going on in my head. Most people have no idea that I’ve been reading their writing and that it’s moved me.

I realized that some participants might be wondering, “Does anyone out there read my posts?”

The answer is yes. A clear, resounding yes.

I continued exploring Winnie’s blog and eventually found a critique of lululemon’s website redesign from 2012. “Funny!” I thought. “That’s my team! Go team!” When she stated that “lululemon strategically uses language that’s a bit off-the-cuff to create a playful and down-to-earth vibe,” I got chills. It turns out that Winnie was right about the silent majority.

Over to Gmail. I began typing what was supposed to be a quick note to Winnie and ended up happily weeping over my keyboard as I wrote this:

I worked for lululemon from 2004 until 2011. I departed to support my husband’s PhD aspirations here at the University of St Andrews. When I left, I was the first and only formal copywriter, running around the office completely overworked but always inspired. I had the privilege of working with the team behind the redesign but in the end, due to serious delays, I never got to celebrate the finished project before I left on maternity leave.

Since then, I’ve been so busy with my beautiful children. Time to write is rare and I feel like I’ve lost my platform and my voice. I’m finally getting my voice back. One day there will be a platform again. I have tears in my eyes. I haven’t expressed this in writing.

For now, I’m majorly encouraged by this project. I’ve purchased elissajoywatts.com and I am ferociously motivated to get on with my project to pay down our student loans.

So today’s contribution to the Your Turn Challenge is a couple things:

1. A thank you to Matt for being one of my goal champions, whether he knows it or not.

2. An expression of gratitude to Winnie for initiating this challenge.

3. A warm hug and a high-five to all the people working their way out of their comfort zones to accomplish their dreams.

Off I go!

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